Hump day AND April fools

So … how did your day go?

We arrived at work early … yesterday we had to sit a good 25 minutes in the construction zone around the lake.  Anticipating this, we left at 7am this morning and breezed on through.  Oh well!  We just got home and I’m ready for bed. 

I have to run up to the lake for a few hours tomorrow to finish up a window quote that bids on Friday … I was kinda bummed, but hey, it’s another couple of hours that goes toward rent … so I can’t complain, even though I am … lol … in a way. 

Friday finally is hubby’s surgeon appointment to find out the results of his MRI.  With sickness, etc … he’s had to postpone it and then I had to work all last week which delayed the doc appointment further.  (We only have one car and have to schedule things differently.)  So we get the awaited news on Friday.  Here’s praying that further surgery isn’t required and that he just needs more healing time.

Saturday, a friend of ours in law enforcement is retiring from the department.  It will be fun to go to the party.  We haven’t seen this person in awhile.  Something to look forward to.

Well, that’s all that’s new here … just hanging out and I’m thinking I’m going to bed early.  I’ve been staying up later than I normally do, which makes morning’s arrival quite early. 

Hope ya’ll have a good rest of the week and if I don’t talk at ya, have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Hump day AND April fools

  1. L – Thanks – I’ll keep ya’ll posted

    GH – That’s true, Party is a ways away, I just hope the weather is okay. It’s supposed to storm.

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