How ya doin?

I trust you all survived Friday the 13th.  This last week was my short week and I sure was happy for that.  I have a short week next week, then a full one after that, since the office manager and her husband are going back east for their daughter’s graduation from Coast Guard bootcamp. 

Hubby’s been pretty sick.  He’s on another round of antibiotics.  He was outside all day for an abatement order.  It could have gotten pretty exciting, since the owner of the property made the threat to anyone that came onto his property was going to be shot.  So, needless to say, they took swat with them.   And, luckily the owner wasn’t on the property.   It was an all day process, since there was so much stuff, cars, buses, even a plane.  So much that after 8 hours, they still didn’t get everything off the property.  So, a possibility they will have to go back, just depends on the judge.

After being out in the cold, mud and wind, Thursday morning he was back to being sick.  It’s a good thing we had the doc’s appointment. 

As for me and my wierd things going on, the doc thinks it’s my stomach.  However, since these symptoms are also heart problem symtoms, he wants to rule that out first.  Next Thursday I have  a stress test at the hospital.  This should be interesting.


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