The Chopping Block

At 8pm tonight on NBC, this show starts it’s season premier.  Two of the contestants are daughters of one of our customers.  The names are Kelsey and Vanessa Henderson, click here for their bio .  It’s pretty exciting, especially for their mom, since Kelsey is only 22 yrs old and is a chef at one of the hotels in LA with major benies.  Plus she became Madonna’s chef, when she was in town.  For 22, that’s a pretty big accomplishment.

I know the head person will be an arse to the contestants so it will be interesting to watch. 

Well, I’ve got to get ready for work … this is my Friday … hooray!  I’ll talk at y’all later.


5 thoughts on “The Chopping Block

  1. Well, you know, you could go to the Le Petit restaurant for dinner and give your compliments to the chef (Kelsey)

    I know the hotel is having a big bash tonight for the series premier. I only know them through their mom.

  2. I can only imagine how excited and proud their mom is for them. Their mom was in LA watching the show at the bash the hotel Kelsey works at. I can’t wait to talk to the mom when she gets back.

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