Thank you

I got word today that the surgeon was quite thrilled with the surgery.  After 3 strong 3-day  chemo sessions (3 days on, 3 wks off) Angella had surgery to remove the thymoma tumor.  I don’t think the surgeons knew what to expect.  Their biggest fear was having to cut out some of her lungs to get the tumor and that it may have spread.  But until they could open her up, it was too difficult to tell off the scans/MRI/you name it.

Thank you, God, surgery was a huge success.  They were able to remove it and it turns out the tumor was still encapsulated, so they feel they got it all.  They still have to remove the tumor in her pituitary gland, but I think they wanted to wait to see how the big tumor was before they go through with this other surgery.

I thank all of you for your prayers.  There are more tests to be ran so they can be sure they did get it out, but it sure is looking good!

Thanks again.


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