Not a good day

News from the shoulder surgeon – hubby has to get an MRI.  His shoulder is not healing the way it should, so possibly another surgery in store for him.

Before he left for the surgeon’s office, I made him call our regular doc since he said he wasn’t feeling well.  After lunch we wandered to the doc’s office and it turns out, hubby has a 101 temp.  All this on top of being on antibiotics for a week.  So, two shots later, hubby is on the couch and quite wobbly when he stands.

I wandered to the store to get the prescriptions going.  I came home with fresh veggies and chicken and made chicken soup for our dinner. 

Well, I hope I don’t get what hubby has.  I’m going to stay home with him tonight, instead of going to class, since he is pretty unstable as he tries to walk around. 

Hope y’all have a better night!


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