First day off of my three day work week

It feels wierd not having to get up at 5:30am to get ready for work.  Actually it is a bit nice.  Hubby has his shoulder surgeon follow up appointment this morning.  We will be going to that soon. 

The storms have finally moved on.  I had ordered a book from Amazon and it was stuck in Sacramento since the 11th.  I finally received it yesterday, when the mail truck could finally get over the pass.  Whatever happened to “…through rain, sleet, snow or hail…?”  I guess that didn’t include the big rigs that kept getting stuck or held back. 

I was excited about getting this book, because it is “The One Year Bible for New Believers.”  Granted I’m not a new believer, however, I am still a a toddler in my journey.  I wish I knew about this book when I did become a new believer, it would have made reading and understanding the bible easier.  The reason why I sought this book out was that I wanted to start memorizing the verses.  Yeah, I know, my memory, she not so goot! 

With taking our Thursday class, it’s nice to have a great resource that tells you exactly where in the bible to find what one is going through.  I know some bibles have that, but this is just easier to get to and seems to be more in depth.  I’m pretty impressed and I’ve only read through the beginning, haven’t even gotten to the verses.  LOL, well, okay, I did read todays, but last night I was amazed at all the stuff before it.   If you want to learn more of what is in the bible OR you want to get a deeper understanding of the bible, pick this one up.  Plus, you get to read the whole bible in a year.  I purchased mine through Amazon, although I had to wait longer due to the storm, it is definately worth the wait.


Well, I had better start getting ready.  Y’all have a great Thursday.


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