President’s Day

It was an interesting commute this morning.  Yes, I had to work as we don’t have this day off.  It was probably a very good thing it was a holiday, since there were several accidents along the lake.

Going up highway 50 was fine, but once I got onto hwy 28, it was icy.  I passed one car that did a donut into the side of the mountain.  Highway patrol was there checking on that person.

A little further up, I had to stop, due to a long line of cars stopped before the flashing snow plow.  While I was waiting, I looked at my rear view mirror and a car was not stopping, going a bit too fast for comfort. At the last minute, they had to pull into the other lane to avoid from smashing into me.  It would not have been good, my truck would have been totalled, since it would have caused me to run into the car in front. 

The car pulled back into our lane and we continued to wait.  Finally the drive and one of the passengers got out of the runaway car and started to walk toward one of their friends behind me.  I rolled my window down and asked if they were okay.  The driver was a cute little guy.  He said they were fine and they were scared.  I asked where they were from and they said Taiwan.  They hadn’t seen or driven in snow before, so they weren’t used to the ice/snow.  He apologized for the fright he gave me.  I was real glad they were okay. 

After thirty minutes, we were able to proceed along.  We came upon the accident, it was a truck flipped over on it’s roof.  Nobody was inside, I pray they are okay.  Further up, were more flares.  This time two other vehicles were perpendicular to the side of the mountain.  Luckily they didn’t go the other way and off the road, down the mountain.

Needless to say, I left work around 1:30pm.  The storm was due to hit again, and I wanted off the mountain before it got bad.  There’s supposed to be a big storm again tonight.  I’m glad hubby will be with me on the drive to and from work tomorrow.  He’s my boyscout, when he’s there, I don’t get too worried about getting stuck.

Hope you all are doing well.   Later.


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