What’s your part in it?

Judgment and control … wow … there is so much of that in today’s world.  I try so hard to not be these two things, but, there they are taking over my thoughts and words.

In class, the pastor told a story on himself.  One of the things I love about this church is most of the pastors (Senior Pastor included) have no problems sharing a story where they fall short of God’s teaching. 

Anyway, his story was about driving and having people in his way when he was trying to get where he needed to be and then back home in time to take his children to school.   On the way up and back, people were in his way.  He was starting to get angry with them and trying to get to his destinations in time and thinking bad thoughts … you know, like we all do in traffic when no one wants to drive, just, what seems to us, sightsee.

As he was driving back he was hit over the head with what he was doing.  He was judging these people and trying to control traffic.  We don’t have control of other people, especially in traffic.  We also don’t have a right to judge, we don’t know their circumstances.  What the pastor was hit over the head with was this, these are my people also.  He quickly repented and apologized to God for doing His job.

It’s amazing how God will use other people to make a point.  This pastor didn’t have to share this story, especially this particular one about traffic.  But it was a story that we, okay hubby mostly but me also, had to hear.  Thursday morning, we were leaving our neighborhood.  We have a round-about on the highway that circles the street to the high school and the highway.  Many people have a hard time navigating the timing to get through the round-about.  So, as we waited and waited for the car in front of us to go, hubby lost his temper and reached over and layed on the horn.

Embarrasing?  Yes, I was driving.  When we got through, I yelled at him and asked him what the F was wrong.  Whatever it is isn’t that bad and he needed to chill the F out.  I don’t usually do this.  I usually sit in silence and fume.  But that day, I was tired of being late and having to rush.

Which gets me to the title of this post … after telling his story, the pastor said, when you feel you are starting to control a situation that isn’t in your control or judge someone that you have no right to judge, ask yourself, “What’s your part in it?” 

The pastor’s part was not calculating the time correctly to navigate through rush hour traffic.

Our part in it, was we were late again and in a hurry.  It wasn’t the car in front of us’ problem.  It was ours.

One thought on “What’s your part in it?

  1. I’ve often said “I love driving, it’s all the other cars I don’t like.”

    That said, I’ve often thought about making a bumper sticker for my morning commute that says “You know, you wouldn’t have to tailgate me if you left the house a little earlier…”

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