Yup, this song is going through my head because it is … S A TUR DAY!!

I actually slept until 8:30am…that is sleeping in for me, folks.  I’m usually up at the same time I get up for work, which really defeats the whole purpose of the weekend, doesn’t it?

I have been exhausted again all week.  So it was sure nice to get the extra zzz’s, my body needed.

Thursday’s class was fun.  Interesting and fun and, yes I did participate … I had no choice.  The skill we were learning was listening.  We had to listen to what someone was saying and repeat it verbatim.  Why this is hard?

1)  you have to sit and really listen.

2)  you have to remember all that is being said

3)   you can’t think of anything else while listening

It’s amazing how the mind would wander … upon hearing the situation, the mind starts calculating the solution, BEFORE, it hears all the facts. 

Then in repeating, we’d paraphrase what was said.  Definately a wake up call on how well I listen to others. 

So, how well do you listen?


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