Whistle Blowers

I don’t know who the whistle blosers are out there watching those execs in wall street and these big banks, however, I hope they continue to blow those whistles.  They are the biggest reason we are in such a mess, as the rich get richer and the rest of us struggle.

If we all are being asked to tighten our belts and cut back on things, then by golly they need to cut back also.   Wells Fargo had major cajones for still planning the Vegas bash when they know there is such hardship going on in this country, not to mention each state and county.  I’m glad to see they caved and cancelled the Vegas trip.  I’m sure Vegas would have loved to have them for 12 days, but, sorry, not at our expense, thank you very much!!

How do you feel about foreign countries funding the stimulus package?


2 thoughts on “Whistle Blowers

  1. While I don’t like the idea of foreigners funding our stimulus package, what is the alternative? They could double (triple?) our taxes. Cut the budget to the bone. I’d hate to be poor on food stamps or unemployment when they take those services away. Thanks to our government and our corrupt CEOs, all our hard earned money is sitting in foreign countries.

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