First Lady’s Dress

I was disappointed by the dress the First Lady wore today.  It was nothing like the other attire she’s been pictured in through all her time on the campaign road.  I thought the color, style and accessories made her look frumpy for a tall, slender woman.  Hate to say it, but I’m not impressed by the designer.  I hope the gown the First Lady wears tonight is more spectacular than the dress she had on today.

I don’t discuss politics, well, that is unless it’s about Nv’s Gov., but it was interesting to see so many in Washington taking part in this day. 

I didn’t vote for the President … if I could, I would have put none of the above, however, we now have a new Commander and Chief of this great nation and no matter what our political views are, we have to show the respect he deserves for the position he’s in. 

We all aren’t going to agree on every matter, nor, are we all going to disagree.  I feel we all should give him the chance to sink or swim as they say.

I actually would have liked to be one of the Secret Service Snipers on the rooftops OR one of the agents riding along side the car.  Now that would be an exciting job!

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