Swearing In Ceremony

Thursday was a full day of adventure.  Hubby’s nephew and the nephew’s friend were both elected as members to the State School Board.  The ceremony was held at the Supreme Court Building in the courtroom and the judge was very patient and gracious as the families of the 5 newly sworn in board members were taking pictures.  Hubby’s newphew looked so handsome in his black suit and red tie.  I think these two 30 year olds will bring fresh and new perspectives to the State School Board. 

After the ceremony, the nephew and his friend were off to training.  Hubby’s sis, her husband , hubby and I wandered around until it was time to take them to the airport.  There is a coffee shop in Carson City, called Comma Coffee .  We have always wanted to go there ever since her son was in the Marines about the same time as our son.   We finally got a chance to go and it was interesting watching all the people from all ages there.  I’ll have to remember to bring my family and friends there, next time they visit.

We started toward Reno and drove them by the Brower Mansion and other large homes along the foothills of Washoe Valley.  We still had a couple of hours left, so we wandered around my favorite mall (the great sales mall).  I am happy to say that I did not buy anything.  I thought to myself how his sis and I have never wandered through the shops before and it was pretty cool.  She’s pretty funny.  After a quick lunch at Marie Calendars, it was time to drop them at the airport.  It was a quick visit, but a good one.

Hubby and I had a chance to wander around Barnes & Noble before heading back to our area of the woods.  I was so tired when we got home.  Then I remembered, I was up at 4am … duh … oh well.

The treadmill gets delivered today, hopefully there won’t be alot of assembly required.  We’ll see.

Ya’ll have a great Friday and weekend!


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