Ricardo and Patrick

I was surprised to hear that Patrick McGoohan had passed.  Even more surprised to hear Ricardo Montalban passed.  Wow, two within a day.  Yes, I know they were in their 80s, but still surprising.

Mr. McGoohan I remember from many different tele roles he’s done.

Mr. Montalban is another story.  His mannerisms and pronunciation of words have always reminded me of my dad.  Dad passed in 1979 from lung cancer.  He lasted about a year after he’d been diagnosed.  Of course, back in ’78-’79 there wasn’t as much known about cancer as there is now. 

I was always afraid of him, growing up.   I don’t know, maybe it was the explosive temper, maybe the use of the belt as a normal form of punishment or the major twisting of the ear as it felt like he was ripping it off.  Or maybe the time he would chase my mom around the house with the meat cleaver because he was mad at her (to this day, hubby won’t let me have a meat cleaver).   Compared to my siblings rearing – this was mild.  He had mellowed by the time I came along.  So needless to say, I was afraid of my friends dads also.  I thought all dads were like this. 

In ’76 I graduated high school.  By my high school years, he was quite calmer.  That’s not to say that I didn’t upset him as a teenager, he had one of my sisters to vent to and she was able to give him my point of view and defuse the anger.

That same sister was able to give me his point of view and I started to feel closer to dad.  I wasn’t so afraid of him and to be truthful, as a teenager, I don’t think I really cared, but I did deep down. 

I guess I learned how to walk on egg shells at an early age.  I did that through both my marriages.  When I find myself starting to walk on egg shells again, I have to reach deep down inside to find the strength to crack those shells and go on.   I don’t like someone having control over me.  Hubby has taught me to be strong … lol … and to his chagrin, he’s taught me to crack those shells he lays on the ground.


2 thoughts on “Ricardo and Patrick

  1. A fascinating post, thanks for sharing. By the gist of things, it sounds as though Hubby has taught you not only to walk on the eggshells, but positively dance on them…

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