I’m done …

Well, I’m about a done as I’m gonna be.  Hubby has been a big help, even though he’s been sick.   Hubby’s nephew has been elected as a State School Board member.  He has quite a large territory down in Southern Nevada.  Thursday he is getting sworn in at the Capital.  That is the reason for hubby’s sis and her husband’s visit.  I took Thursday off so we all could attend.  I wasn’t going to, since I would lose a day’s pay, but then I remembered I have vacation days again with the start of the new year … duh … So we all get to spend the day together before we have to take them back to the airport in the afternoon.

Last night I asked my hubby if we could keep the house this way from now on … he laughed and said, easier said than done, since we are too exhausted at the end of the day.  I’ll just have to pretend that someone is coming to visit every week … LOL … hint hint … GH, you are always welcome up here should you choose to venture to my area of the woods, as long as you aren’t allergic to a cat and dog.   Just make sure you give me a week or two, to make sure the house is together again … LOL!

Well, I’m ready for bed … ya’ll have a great evening.


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