The Miracles of Christmas

The Miracle of Christmas by Stephen Curtis Chapman

I watched him perform this song on the Billy Graham Christmas Program last night.  You tube had the video, but the sound quality wasn’t very good.  I did, however, find this one.

I cannot believe it is 11 days until Christmas.  Our office is going to be closed 12/24 in the afternoon and we won’t open again until January 5.  Which is probably a good thing, since we will be in Nebraska for most of that time. 

This year we probably won’t see a Christmas bonus, so I’ve been stressing about presents and all.  But ya know, Christmas really isn’t about presents.  It’s about caring and loving and being with people.  So, even though this year we won’t be giving the material things, we do get to share time with some of our family and friends.  That’s what matters most anyway.

I hope your plans for the Christmas holiday are treasured with family and friends.


3 thoughts on “The Miracles of Christmas

  1. The Parentage and I give less and less to each other each year. There just aren’t that many material things we need and I know that for them the best present is my driving up to visit them anyway!

  2. Novice – so true many are cold, homeless, jobless and hungry.

    GH – drive carefully and have a good visit with the “Parentage” Hope your visit with your grandma is a good one. Hang in there, I know it will be difficult.

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