More Pics

Driving home from work tonight, hubby and I took these pics of the sunset.

This lonely little cloud was hanging there.  The picture after the cloud, is our view when we turned around and the almost full moon was so bright.



The I found our Christmas Tree.  It was already decorated with a Gold bulb tree decoration and a couple of beads.  It’s hard to see the beads, but the gold thingy shows up pretty good.  Unfortunately it has to stay where it is, since it’s planted in the ground lake level at Memorial Point.


Here’s a Sunset pic we took a couple of weeks ago.  It looks like an abstract pic instead of a sunset pic.


This one looks like something crashed and is on fire.  It’s just a combo of my phone camera, the brightness of the sun and lake reflection.


For the pics tonight, we walked down a little trail at Memorial Point to take the pics.  After a couple of boulder hopping (hubby not me) we were finally at water level.  I have found that I’m not as sure footed anymore and my knees don’t work like they should.  My b-day song about being 50 is sure true!  However, the bad thing about walking down to water level, is you have to walk back up…where’s the dang oxygen when ya need it?!  Both of us were gasping for air by the time we reached the truck.  Granted water level is about 2000 ft higher than where we live, but still!

Anyway, hope you enjoy.


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