Just a little bit of a rant

We work at Lake Tahoe which has many pine trees and many dry pine needles everywhere.  The fire department has been doing controlled burns for the past week or two.  Unfortunately, yesterday, the controlled burn turned out of control, when two of the many tree trunks were on fire with the flames reaching the branches. 

Considering how dry it has been up here, if left unattended, it could rage out of control real quick … just ask the victims of the Angora Fire in South Shore and the fire victims in Southern California.

Up here one is used to the controlled burns or as they like to call them, prescribed burns.  However, when the tree trunks were ablaze, there were several people that called 911 and were told not to worry, it’s a controlled burn.  There were several people trying to tell 911 that it was out of control and they wouldn’t believe the callers. 

I can understand that during a controlled burn, many people call to report the smoke, etc.  but to not even listen to the people when they are telling them that the burn is out of control, is a bit rediculous.  And for the 911 dispatcher to be snotty to boot!  Excuse me, but there is something wrong with this picture. 

Okay rant over … well, at least for now … nighty night ya’ll.


One thought on “Just a little bit of a rant

  1. I actually just read an interesting article on the training they do on how to do controlled burns down in Florida. One of the quotes was (and I’m paraphrasing here) that there are two types of firefighters who are in charge of controlled burns: those who have had one slip out of their control, and those that are going to have one slip out of their control…

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