Home Sweet Home

After driving most of the night Sunday night, we finally arrived around 10:30pm.  I don’t know why we do this to ourselves, but we do.  Needless to say, getting up on Monday to get ready for work was  a real chore.  But I made it.  By the time I got home, I was ready for bed!  Now it is day two of this week and again, at 8pm, I am ready for bed.  I’m so exciting, aren’t I?

Today was our monthly date with the doc.  Gee, guess who is back on antibiotics.  Yup, me again.  Hubby’s now on his 3rd bout.  I had no idea I was running a low grade fever.  Oh well.  Could be why I am so dang tired tonight.  But all in all, our other probs are going well.  Diabetes is okay, not over board, but okay.  Could always be better, but hey, it’s me and I’m a sugarholic, so that won’t be happening anytime soon!  I am still working out with Richard and getting the sweat thing going.  Doc’s real happy about that.

The whole time I was in Vegas, I used my sister’s treadmill first thing in the morning.  That must be the reason for losing 2 pounds over the holdays.  Well, that an jumping on the trampoline, which, my rump is not as sore as it was yesterday.  Who knew you used those muscles when jumping!

We are planning on traveling to Nebraska for Christmas.  Actually we arrive in Omaha on Christmas day and then we leave on Sat. 1/3/09.  It will be nice to see our son and grandchildren there.  We had such a good time with our Utah daughter and her family and our Las Vegas daughter and her family.  It’s always fun when you can play with the grandbabies.  Can’t wait to see the other set of grandbabies in Lincoln.

My KC sis wants us to drive down and see them while we are in Nebraska.  It will depend on what days our son has to work.  I’m looking forward to the trip.  The only bad thing is that we have to drive to Vegas, then fly to Omaha.  Tickets were way less, plus my Vegas sis is going to watch muttly (our jack russell terrorist) for us.  She watches the “Dog Whisperer” so she can use Cesar’s teaching on muttly.  Plus she’ll get her dog fix. 

Well, it’s now going on 8:30, so I had better drag my rear to bed.  I am truly exhausted tonight … don’t know what’s up with that!

Ya’ll have a good eveninge and a great week!


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