Some of the strange things that happened

Since I left Seamonster high and dry yesterday, I had better share a couple of my stories. 

When we still lived in Vegas, my 18 yr old nephew from Lincoln, moved in.  One night, hubby and I went out.  When we got home, he was shaken up.  He proceeded to tell us that our house was haunted.  He was watching TV and someone knocked 3 times on the door.  He jumped up to answer and no one was there.  Now mind you it was only about 5 steps from the chair to the door.  He went back, started watching again, and again, 3 knocks.  This time he ran to the door, flung it open and again no one there, he even wandered out to the side walk to see if anyone was walking away.  Shaking his head, he went back in the house.  Third and last time, someone knocked, he opened the door, since he was standing right there, and no one was there.  He slammed the door, went back to his chair cussin’ away, when from the corner, he heard a sigh.  He turned around, no one there.  Needless to say, he jumped up, grabbed his keys and went to his cousins house.

When we got home, we tried to put him at ease and told him it was our friendly ghost that’s been following us around. 

Hubby had a family that took him in when his home life sucked.  They had a daughter and when we married she was a teenager.  She and her friend would come over to hang out with my nephew, or watch the kids.  One day, they were all in one of the rooms, hubby was at the doorway to that room.  I walked out of our room and up high on the wall was a shadowed face.  I wandered to where everyone was, looked at my hubby and back at the wall.  By then the face was gone.  So I moved hubby until I saw his shadow as high as the face, he would have had to be across the room by the wall.  I asked if anyone else was in that spot, they all said no, they were sitting on the bed.  Looking at the wall I walked out shaking my head. 

Not too long after, I was looking at some pics hubby’s sis sent him.  As I was flipping through them, I froze.  There was a picture of the face.  Hubby looked at the pic and said, that’s my dad.  I looked up and said, that’s the shadowed face on the wall.  *Yikes*

One night I had a dream about his dad.  This was before the face incident.  I dreamt that he died in Vietnam, when in reality he died in a car accident in California.  In my dream I saw where he was buried.  When I woke, I was telling hubby what I saw and that his grave was in the last row by the fence.  His eyes grew wide and said, he is buried in the last row by the fence.  *rut roh*

Hubby’s stepdad was a trucker and away alot.  His mom came to visit one time and she was telling us about this country music video station that the stepdad would always tell her about.  This was when cable first came out and we didn’t have all the channels we have now.  We checked the menu and there was no country music videos.  Later, mom was surfing and she clicked on one of the stations and there it was.  Hubby and I checked the information for the channel she was on and it was supposed to be a movie.  All weekend, when mom was there, she was able to watch this channel.  Within an hour after she left, that same channel went back to what the menu said it was … a movie. 

So, that’s why we think our friendly ghost was his dad.  Once mom passed, our ghost left us.  Dad must have been waiting around for mom, even though they were divorced and remarried to other people when dad died.  We’ll have to ask them about this, when we get to the other side.


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