Strange things

When we lived in Lincoln, NE we used wander through the antique stores in the Haymarket.  They had a couple of large stores … or maybe it was one big one … can’t remember, but we’d wander all the aisles.  I always wanted to buy one of those old pieces, either a table, buffet, chair, couch or whatever.  But I wasn’t sure what I was getting in addition to the furniture.

I guess should explain, you know on the old Bewitch shows?  One of them they brought an antique piece home, it came with it’s dead owner.  That show stuck with me all these years, so I just look and not buy. 

What brought this on?  Well, you know me and my brain … it could be one of many things.  But I watched Grey’s Anatomy and Dennie was back.  Granted he was sort of a ghost, but one that was touchable. 

I’ve had spooky happen to me.  We’ve had a friendly ghost among us most of hubby’s and my life together.  It’s a friendly one, because, I think it was hubby’s dad.  He stopped following us around when his mom passed although they were not married when his dad died. 

I’ll have to write about all the strange things that happened to my family.  That may be my next story, after I finish the nanowrimo one on my sister’s breast cancer.  If anything, I can write it so our children have the stories of our family for future generations.


4 thoughts on “Strange things

  1. GH – In 2000 we just moved back to Nevada. I kept hitting a wall when it came to finding a job and couldn’t figure out why. Then I got the call from my sis that she had breast cancer. Since I was not working, I flew back to the midwest (Kansas) to help take care of her. That is what my present story is about.

    I think the next one is going to be about the strange things that have happened in not just hubby and my life, but my families lives also. Growing up in a fillipino home, even though we were in the USA, there were still plenty of superstitions the parents shared with us.

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