Prayer Request

I am asking for prayers.   As those who believe in the Lord, know, He is the great healer.  So I am asking that you take my request to the Father.

My office manager’s sister, Angela, has been diagnosed with Invasive Malignant Thymoma, which is a very aggressive cancer.  The tumor is quite large and next to her heart.  Before they could operate, she has to do Chemo, once a week for three weeks and one week off.  However, before they start the Chemo they had to do a dye test to see if it has spread throughout her body.


Unfortunately, the news I received this morning is that the doctor would not give her the full details, but, instead of having Chemo once a week, she has to do chemo for 3 days straight. 


The major concern is the dose is going to be so strong there is a possiblity that the chemo itself can kill her.


Angela is only in her 30’s and has 2 small children, one girl is 10 and her son is 7.  Her son has autism and needs quite a bit of attention.


My office manager is going to Sacramento to help her sister and take care of her children.  They all need prayers for God’s healing/comfort/strength/courage.  You name it.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this storm in their lives. 

Thanks You.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend during this time.

    A book out I recommend that this young mother could use during this time, and also is interactive and she could leave behind to her children if she is called home by God is:

    Dance in the Rain: His Joy Comes in the Mourning by Angela A. Dockter-Harris. You can find it at or or it is very helpful for those who have faced a loss or those facing death now.

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