This isn’t my car?

We drove to Reno yesterday and wandered around.  Our last stops were Whole Foods Market and then to Wendy’s for dinner … LOL … yeah, I know, good food, then we eat fast food.  Well, it’s along the same lines as having  fried chicken and diet coke.  Somewhere in the brain, it offsets the calories/fat/carbs … I know, I’m sick and I need help.  But admit it, some of you do the same dang thing! 

Anyway, It was dark walking out of Wendy’s and I walked up to another dark SUV, while hubby was walking further down the lot.  I looked up and started laughing … oops … this isn’t our car. 

Hubby shook his head and said, “At least you didn’t get into it!”   A couple of months ago, hubby had, in broad daylight, got into the wrong car.  It was the same color, same everything, parked right next to ours.  He got in and was getting ready to put the key in the ignition when he noticed a Taz keychain hanging on the door.  He said to himself, “Hmmm, when did she get that?”  Then he made the connection, “Doh, not my car!”  He jumped out, slammed the door, and hoped no one saw him.  He thought for sure someone was going to start running out one of the businesses yelling at him for trying to take their vehicle. 

Ah yes, welcome to the world of aging … it truly bites the big one!


3 thoughts on “This isn’t my car?

  1. My remote unlocker doesn’t always work and as a result I have stood outside of the wrong car, cursing my remote for not unlocking the car, for a loooong time before I realize it’s the not my car.

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