The world of me

I make stupid decisions in my life, yesterday was just another one.  I usually where hiking boots to work. You know, I work in a glass shop, for the most part I have to go out back to get customers orders, whether it is a piece of glass, an insulated unit, screens, you name it.  So to have a steady footing, I wear the boots.  They are comfy and when there’s ice on the ground, the tread makes for sure footedness.

Yesterday, I decided to put on my cowgal boots, black leather, silver tipped toes, with the chains around the ankle and heal, kind of like spurrs, without the spurrs.  Needless to say, I didn’t go out back to get anything, except for screens.  I knew I’d break an ankle or something.  So, either the salesman would go get the heavier things or if the glass was big, I’d make the customers drive around back to have the shop guys load it into their truck.  Which is really the more safer thing for them to do, instead of me going and getting the things with or without my kick ass boots.  But there you have it, I said the magic words, my kick ass boots … I was in a kick ass mood.  LOL, I hate when that takes over my wardrobe! 

So today, I’m hurting … yup, feet ache … I’m waiting for the balls of my feet to quit hurting and the swelling to go down, before I stuff them in workout shoes and dance with Richard.  Two hours later and alot of bengay, I’m actually able to walk on them without too much of the old lady hunched over ouching.   Hopefully in another couple of hours I can get up and sweat my oldies, but we’ll see.

So … what are ya’ll up to this glorious Saturday?

For me, I have no idea … hubby’s still sleeping, dog is probably asleep on my side of the bed.  The cat was in here yelling at me to feed her and my stomach is busy growling.  I have all our shows recorded ready to be watched, however, I have many hours of writing to do.  Yeah, I know, click out of this site and get to writing your story already!!!   Plus I picked up four books at the library to read.  I’m not a fast reader, unless it is a book that holds my interest from cover to cover. 

One of the books I borrowed was a Stephanie Plum adventure book.  Oh wait, that’s why I was in a “kick ass mood” I was reading about Stephanie Plum, the NJ bounty hunter.  duh!  Okay, my world makes sense again … LOL … as if !   I’ve said it before, but I love the characters in Janet Evanovich’s world of bounty hunters.  “Fearless Fourteen” is like meeting up with your friends to see what they’ve been up to since the last time you got together.  It’s a bit comforting to read about someone elses crazy world and realize your own world isn’t so bad.  I guess, I’m saying, I won’t be getting anything done, I have 2 people to help find and figure out who shot the dead guy in Morelli’s basement. 

But before that, I have to get my sis on the plane in my story I’m doing for Nanowrimo.   So I had better get to typing.  Ya’ll have a great day and a wonderful weekend.   Later !


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