Call him Chef Hubby

I have many cookbooks on the shelves that they runneth over to two book cases.  I keep buying them, because there are really good recipes in them that I’d like to, one day, try.  But unfortunately, they sit on the shelves untouched.  Not only are they books, however, also paper of recipes I’ve printed from different websites, with the same intentions. 

Since hubby only works a couple of days a week, he’s been teaching himself how to cook.  Pretty much like my son taught himself, although my son was quite young when he read one of my cookbooks and learned how to make an omelete.  Took me totally by surprise … 1) that he could accomplish something I couldn’t even think of doing and 2) I had no idea I had a book that taught you how (I still don’t make omelets to this day).  Silly me!

I got home from work early and walked into the house with cut up potatoes boiling and chicken breasts thawing in the microwave.  I asked him what was up and he said he’s attempting to thaw chicken breasts in the micro, however, it’s taking forever.    So from all this, hubby ended up frying the chicken breasts that would have made his mama proud, being a southern lady and all.  But that isn’t all, I explained to him how to make pan gravy from the left over oil in the frying pan.  It turned out pretty good, creamy and no lumps!  My only contribution to dinner was mashed potatoes.

There are two cookbooks I have on the shelf that he, unknown to me, would refer to.  One of them being the Good Housekeeping Cookbook, which I’ve had since my first marriage from 30 years ago and the Betty Crocker cookbook, you know the one with the red and blue squares.  I’m thinking this book is even older than 30 years.  These books have been his teacher.  I’m impressed, he’s getting pretty good!

Me, well, I just make it … I have no idea how to do something, but I just make it.  I come by it naturally, since dad was a chef.  Not everything turns out great, but, considering I don’t follow a recipe it turns out.  However, baking … well, that’s a whole different story.  Baking to me is science and I try to follow the recipe to the tee, with the exception of switching to splenda instead of sugar.  Plus baking at high elevation is something I’m still trying to figure out.  I’m sure one day, he’ll surpass me in the baking department also.   He was making noises in the kitchen when he tasted his gravy.  I was expecting him to say  “Yeah Baby” just like Emeril says when he tastes his food.  LOL! 

Hope ya’ll have a good evening.  Tomorrow is Friday …….WOOHOO!!  Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Call him Chef Hubby

  1. I’ve been learning to cook as well. I cook like an engineer – measure, measure, and measure again. I guess I’m paranoid that it’s going to taste bad. So far I’ve been pretty successful according to the Wife.

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