Happy Veteran’s Day

I know there are many of you Veterans out there, so I say Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you so very much for your service.  Without it, we wouldn’t have the freedoms that we do in this country.

I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that got today off.  I did, however, leave work early, because this afternoon the phones were dead and I was extremely bored!  I get bored real easy.  It’s cold and drizzly at the lake so I was really glad to get home earlier than normal, just in case the drizzle turned to white drizzle.

Other  than that, I’m not up to much.  Just hanging out at home, since the weather is crappy.  I have managed to write 17,679 words, but this is the second week and it’s been hard to write each night.  I’ve not completed my daily goals, but at least I am writing each day.  

I’m still having breakfast with Richard.  I’ll probably be doing that all this week before I switch over to Billy.  It’s interesting that my heart rate has been about 5 points lower each day.  Richard makes you take a reading after warmup and before cool down.  Although, I may change to the 1st tape, just for something different.  LOL, who knows, I’m so out of it when I crawl out of bed and get dressed, it’s just so much easier to hit play when I’m ready to rock out.

Well, I’m going to see what’s for dinner … don’t have any beef, but we do have cows behind us.   Hmmmm … do you think they’d miss one?


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