A Lick of Frost

I finished this Laurell K Hamilton book today.  If you like fairy and fey things, you may enjoy this series.  Princess Meredith has to get pregnant by the end of the month by one of her guards if she’s going to be offered the throne of the unseelie court.  Whichever guard makes her with child becomes the king to her queen.  Interesting things happen in this book from the magic and mysticical fairy world mingled in with the human world.  Makes for a quick read.  Although if you haven’t read the series, I would start with the very first one.  You can get a quick overview of the series here.  It is fun to escape into fairy land. 

She also has another series, Anita Blake vampire executioner and necromancer.  Again a quick read, although there is quite a bit of explicit sexual scenes in this series. A bit more than the other one.  You can get the overview of Anita here.  Again, I would start with the first book.  In both series, not much time lapses between books.  That’s one thing I like is Laurell pretty much picks up one book where she left off in the other.  The bad thing, is you have to wait until the next book comes out to find out what happens next.

We had a mild day.  Now I’m winding down to get ready for a new week.  I’ve placed a couple of books on hold on hubby’s library card.  I can’t access the website with either of my library cards.  We’ve tried to get caught up on watching our recorded shows, however, we still have a few more to go before we’re up to speed.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend.


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