Lazy or Relaxing

It’s Sunday already.  Where did this weekend go?  I have done nothing … N O T H I N G … how bad am I?  We’ve pretty much stayed at home all weekend.  From the looks of the clouds, we’ll be home again today.  I haven’t heard if there is snow in the mountain, though we did get rain last night. 

We’ve watched all of our recorded shows.  Did any of you see “The Eleventh Hour?”  I’m starting to like that actor.  He played such a jerk in “A Knights Tale” but he’s pretty interesting on this show.  Then I watched “Gray’s Anatomy” OMG, if I were to walk into a room and there were pigs tied up to moniters, I’m not sure what my reaction would be. 

Did ya’ll remember to turn back your clocks?  I think hubby was messing with me, when he came to bed, I asked if he turned the clocks back.  He said you mean forward, I started to argue, but was still half asleep, so I said yeah whatever.  After that, I have no idea what his answer was as I’d gone back to sleeping land.  From the looks of things, he changed the clocks.  Although the bathroom clock is the one that always gets changed twice.  I’ll have to see what time that clock actually says.  I like getting the extra hour.  It was so dark when the alarm would become annoying, I didn’t want to get out of bed.  This morning was nice, there was a little light, when my body decided it was time to get up.

Well, you all have a great Sunday.  I’m off to story land.


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