Ho Hum

Our monthly date with the doc went about like I thought it would.  Hubby’s doing well and he’s lost a pound, to which he sucks right now!  However, I really am glad he is doing better.  My blood sugar numbers are still out of control which sucks right now.  I’ve been avoiding going to church, serving in any ministries, etc., since it has turned cold and with my sugars being out of control, I have no immunity.  Probably a good thing that I’ve stepped out of all the serving that I was signed up for last year.  

He’s added another dose of my new medicine and I really have to kick myself in the A** to get me back in control.  All I can say is …. AARRGH!  Not fun!  I’m ranting and sorry, but I’m frustrated!!  Tomorrow will be a better day, I just need to let it go and start anew.

I’ve been working on cleaning the front office at work.  It looked horrible.  I should have taken a before picture, because now it looks better!  I even brought a dvd to be played on the Mirror/TV.  I figure it is that time of year when the front office is not in direct sunlight, so the TV is more visible through the mirror. 

I’m not too excited about the rain forcasted this weekend.  I know we need the moisture, but it usually means the white stuff isn’t too far away.

I guess I’ll go to bed.  Tomorrow has to be a better day!

2 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. Truly azaming. The mirror/tv is a display that was never on. I finally cleaned off the counter, brought in a dvd and everytime someone comes in, they go straight to it.

    I know the counter will not stay clean, but I have become the office nazi about the counter and the table for the salemen to sit and talk to customers. LOL, amazing concept, a clean space to meet with customers. Pigs would be cleaner than the guys I work with!

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