Rub a dub dub

It’s Wednesday night and I’m not sure what happened to Monday and Tuesday.  I come home after work and pretty much veg out on the couch.  Not a good thing, but I have no umph to do anything else.  I do fix dinner, we eat and that’s it.  I’m done! 

Tonight I got home and felt like I’ve been run over several times by a mack truck!  I kinda look like it also.  My eczema has flaired up around my eyes and upper lip, I actually fit this time of year … I think “zombie” would be the right word.  It really looks like hubby beat me up, eyes are black and blue, but it is me, myself and I that has been busy beating me up.  I rub and rub my eyes until they are black and blue.  Why is it rubbing them makes the itching feel better, however, it looks terrible?   *sigh* I hope it goes away soon.  It would be nice to have my normal face again! 

We’ve been watching the Dodgers lose tonight.  Last I heard they were down by 4.  We’ll see what will happen.

I’ve been wanting to see the movie “Fireproof”  I think we are going to try and see it this weekend.  I’ve heard great things about this movie, and not just from the Christian Community.  Also from the secular crowd.  I’m sure I’ll post about it once we see it.

I also want to go to Apple Hill this weekend.  The weather is supposed to be nice, so driving over the mountains should not be a problem.  I’m excited to just do something different.  But, um, again, we will see.

We are such procrastinators.  I’ve had a letter since the 1st of October about Grandparents Day at our grandson’s school.  If we were not able to make it, they ask that we send a card by 10/15 so he has it on Friday, 10/17.  I’ve managed to forget, then remember, then forget and again I finally remembered today.  Luckily I had bought the card, the last time I remembered and finally, I sent it off by fedex today.  I know, it’s going to get there a day late, however, it arrives a day early.  I’m so glad we have a fedex account at work!!

Since I haven’t sent my witty cards to my brother-in-law for his birthday and one to him and my sister for their anniversary, I just want to wish them a very happy belated birthday and anniversary.  I usually send very questionable cards … although, I don’t think they are that bad … However, I’m lucky to get the cards out to my children and grandchildren, this year.  How bad and I?

Well, I’m gonna go scratch my eyes out … LOL … hope ya’ll have a good evening.

3 thoughts on “Rub a dub dub

  1. GH – I’ll have to check it out!

    HD – nope, not the lone ranger anymore. Although, when I stopped working about 5 years ago, so I could work on my home business, I couldn’t find the time to work it. I have not idea where the hours went. I have more time while working, although, I still sit on my bumm and do nothing! Go figure … LOL

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