Did you really say that?

The other day hubby and I ran into the Executive Pastor from our church at the store.  He and his wife are recent additions to CVC from Texas.  We were taking his class at church on Tuesday nights, however, the past 2 weeks, we were not there, because we were sick.

He mentioned that he missed us at class, and I told him we were sick the 1st Tuesday and the 2nd Tuesday we still wanted to stay away from people until we were completely better.  Then I looked at him and said it’s been sheer hell.  He asked if we were better now and we both assured him we were. 

After saying goodbye, we got into our truck and hubby looks at me and says, “Did you really say ‘hell’ to a pastor?”  I looked at him and said, “Well, might as well let them know the real us.  If it was the Senior Pastor, he would have rolled his eyes, because he knows how I am!”

But ya know, I have curbed my sailor language quite abit.  Recently I have let the F-bombs slip, because nothing expresses a view quite as well as an F-bomb, however, I try not to use it as often as I used to.  Unfortunately at work, it comes out before I can slam my mouth shut.  Oh well, what can I say …


4 thoughts on “Did you really say that?

  1. Dobe, God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God LOVES you. GOD loves YOU…….



    who you are. Deep down. You can say it’s been sheer hell and not feel guilty. If anything, it’ll probably drive home your point to the Pastor, that more prayer is needed for healing for you and hubby.

    Dear God in Jesus name, please heal my friends here on this blog! Make them whole in their body so that they can come together with the rest of the body of Christ and participate! You are the God of healing. We believe and agree with this in Jesus name! Amen.

    Feel better…..

    ❤ SG

  2. I used to ride Navy ships for my job. After I’d returned, it would take a few weeks to ween myself off all the foul language. That F-Bomb just rolls off the lips so easily, doesn’t it?

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