Another Saturday Night and I ain’t got no body!

That song was popular when I was a teenager.  I also think that it was in a commercial for hair products. 

I always thought it would be cool to see these heads bobbing and singing this song, then at the end the product was for some great conditioner for giving body to the hair.   Or  a great conditioner for a body to give to the head … LOL … I don’t know, I thought wierd stuff when I was younger!   Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I still do!

So it is Saturday, the sun is shining, the clouds are out, and here I am still not 100% but slowly getting there.  Can someone explain why my muscles are sore?  The aching in the joints are gone, but the muscles are sore.  Amazing the healing process.

Everyone at work is sick, well, most everyone.  One of the owners, the one that stays in the office all day, has been coughing all over the place.  I wonder if he’d get the hint if I started wearing a mask at work!  Hmm, I may have to start doing that!  Brilliant idea, Mr. Holmes.  (Yeah, okay, have no idea where that came from!)  Did I say I wasn’t 100% yet?  Well, how about I’m not 75% yet.   LOL

I know, I’m rambling, just the ramblin’ gal that I am when I have absolutely nothing of importance to say.  Just happy the joints aren’t aching anymore.  Yes, I am drinking water and make a face each and every time!  See, I’m really not going to turn 50 in December, I’m really only going to be 05 years old.  Oh wait, my life sucked then, I don’t want to go back, thank you very much.  One day I’ll write about that, but it’s a real downer and I don’t feel down today!

Are any of you NCIS fans?  **Spoiler alert**  If you haven’t seen that last show, because it is still on your DVR, then don’t read on …

But I’m glad they brought Dinoso (sp?  no idea)  back!  Interesting season plot with the premier,  I do not like the new director.  I think Gibbs should accidently shoot him or something! 

So, what do you think about the new bailout package?  I like the email that is going around now about giving us, “little people” the money to payoff our bills, purchase homes, etc. and we still would NOT have spent as much as 700 billion dollars.   Oh well, a change is due, I’m not sure either of the two canditates are the kind of change we need.  But that’s my opinion and as Sweetiegirlz says, it’s my blog, if you don’t like it, get one of your own!  LOL – luv ya, SG!

I know a good portion of you aren’t Dancing with the Stars fans, however, I think America is keeping Cloris Leachman on to see what that whacky 82 years old is going to do next!  She is pretty funny!  Her dancing is something else, but at her age, who cares!  She’s still moving and going strong and I could only hope to be doing that at her age!  I must say, I luv Warren Sapp!!!  He’s alot of fun to watch!

Well, it’s getting late in the morning.  I should be doing something constructive around here, like sitting on my bumm in front of the TV, er, heh, I mean laundry, cleaning, etc.  You know, Saturday things … LOL … hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


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