Don’t forget to drink your water!

Last week when we had our monthly date with our doc.  He put us both on an antibiotic that said on the bottle, drink extra water while on this medication.  Well, I’m not one who enjoys water so I actually ended up drinking less than I usually drink, which was a very stupid thing!

Monday, my body was aching, I figured it was the effects of my flu shot and didn’t think anything of it and kept popping Ibuprofen.  Well, in the middle of the night, I woke to a fever of 102 was chilled to the bone, shaking so hard and my skin was dry and glowing red.  Scared poor hubby to death.  He forced water down me all night.  I didn’t start sweating until morning after we had replaced the quarts of water I’d lost.  By that time, I was exhasted and still achy. 

Hubby got me in to the doc’s office, just to make sure all I was suffering was from dehydration.  LOL, of course not, that would be way too easy.  I have a major infection in my ears, eyes, nose and throat.  So much for the other drug I was on.  After a shot in the booty, a switch in antibiotics and mandatory stay home for 2 days, I am starting to feel a little better.  I’m still having to force water down my throat, but I’m not as achy.  My bumm still hurts from the shot and my neck and lower part of the back of my head is really sore. 

I hate having to stay home, since I don’t get sick pay where I work.  So it quadrupally sucks!!  I have even thought about trying to go to work this afternoon, however, I would go from 5000 ft to 8000 ft over the pass to 6200 ft and back again on my trip home.  I think my head would explode if I push it too soon.  So I am going to stay here at 5000 ft  and watch Emeril cook Green.  LOL, dang I’m getting hungry!


5 thoughts on “Don’t forget to drink your water!

  1. “You can pay me now or pay me (a lot more) later…”

    Taking care and resting now, prevents much worse problems and longer convalescence later.

    How much water to drink? Always drink enough water to keep your urine clear to pale yellow.

    Make sure you are taking a probiotic (acidophilus, bifidus, etc) supplement any time you are exposed to antibitoics. Eating yogurt is not enough, BTW. Otherwise you could end up with an unwanted secondary yeast infection.

    Hey, while you’re recovering, check out this Free E-Wellness seminar…

  2. GH – You are right. I stayed home the 2 days, went back to work on Thursday.

    Doc – Thanks, I will check out that site. I still don’t have the energy when I get home from work.

    HD – rest and water is my middle name … HAH … well, at least I try.

    SG – so true and thanks, I’m working on feeling better.

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