I’m not boasting, no really, I’m not!

As I’ve mentioned before, my son is a Graphic Designer in Lincoln.  I am extremely proud of his use of the gift God gave him.  Check out his latest post of Los Logos 4 . 

As a parent, it is hard to watch our children go through whatever it is your children have to go through and not be able to help them through their struggles/challenges/hurts/pain, etc.   As for me, I have to fight the urge to go there or move there so I can be there to help, when in reality I wouldn’t be of help, probably more of a hinder.  I have to remember, I cannot fix their problems.   One can only hope that the “free will” we all were given is surrendered to “God’s will.”   Through Him ALL things are possible, if you give up your free will to Him.  Something I struggle with daily as I turn things over to Him and then I take it back, because I worry or fret about this and that.


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