What do you call your body?

We had a substitute teacher in a class we are taking at church.  He was talking about our body and how this body is only temporary.  At which time he called our bodies, “Earth Suits” … I chuckled at this, but the more I thought about it, the more he was right.  No matter what you believe, we only have this body while on earth.  So calling it an “Earth Suit” made perfect sense. 

There are “Space Suits”, “Flight Suits”, why not “Earth Suits!”  The Sci-Fi person in me could wrap my head around that.   One day my Earth Suit will be no longer used and the aches and pains of this suit will be shed.   That in itself, is something to look forward to!

It’s either late or I’m really tired, but I just got an image of a pegged wall holding everyone’s earth suit.  LOL, kinda funny in a creepy sort of way. 

Today was our monthly date with our doc.  The first thing hubby said to the doc was, “The TV says I should ask you if I’m healthy enough for sex.”   To which the doc said, “Well, are you?”  Then we broke out in a chorus of “Viva Viagra”   I guess I had better clarify, hubby is NOT on viagra … THANK YOU GOD!  It’s probably one of the few drugs he isn’t taking.  However, the doc says, sometimes they prescribe viagra for women.  No, not in that capacity, but to help dialate the vessels in the lungs for a pulmonary thing.  He said when he writes a prescription for a women, they look at him like he’s crazy!  

His flu vaccines were in and we received our yearly flu shots.  My diabetes log didn’t make him frown like it usually does.  My numbers are actually lower than they have been in awhile, but still not low enough.  I asked him about another drug (one he and I have been discussing for awhile) that will help my diabetes AND hopefully, as one of it’s side affects, will help me lose more weight.  I’m not thrilled about another pill, however, I am hoping this additional medication will have that dual purpose.  I need all the help I can get.

Hubby’s blood numbers were way better than mine.  However, as the doc puts it, hubby is still in his honeymoon period with this wonderful disease.  Unfortunately, fall has started and we are on our cycle of infections and needing antibiotics again.   We picked up our prescriptions tonight – 9 bottles between the two of us AND these aren’t all.  I have more to pick up on Friday.  OMG, we’ve turned into that old couple with a pill for this and one for that.  My brother-in-law said it best, when he was younger he was on drugs for the thrill/fun.  Now he’s on drugs to live!  

Earth Suit – gotta luv it!


2 thoughts on “What do you call your body?

  1. Hey dobe, earthsuits sound like a perfectly understandable way to explain our spiritual selves vs. human bodies. it’s rather cute. I used to tell my kids about their ‘spirit’ man that would go to heaven when they die and leave their body behind.

    Aren’t you so glad we won’t need medicine when we go?

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