Music Within

I finally watched this movie.  I really enjoyed it.  To see someone who comes from a dysfunctional home,  when dysfunctional was considered normal, and hearing the music within to do what was in him and had no idea.  

That’s all I’m going to say about the movie, but it is something everyone should watch.    I do have to get the soundtrack!  Loved the music … LOL … don’t know why … maybe because I grew up on it?  Don’t know just a thought!

So …

Do you hear the music within? 


Will you go to your grave an unplayed symphony?


4 thoughts on “Music Within

  1. I saw it several months ago. The take away line…”You don’t know how good you are, do you?” And, he really didn’t. The scene with the mother in the home at the end? Yikes. But, she said the truth: I’m not wired that way (to be a mother). Now, if we could just rewire ourselves not to need their approval we’d be in business!!

    Did you see the extras on the DVD? They have a film of the real guy giving a speech. I think he makes his living as a motivational speaker He is a very large man now and makes jokes about ex wives, how many wasn’t clear. It was sort of sad, really. The uplift of the movie gave way to the real world and he’s obviously paid a heavy price.

  2. Unfortunately I’ve lost my remote to our DVD player and I missed the extra stuff. I’m sure I’ll rent it again, but I’ll have to remember to play it on the player in my room.

    The mother, OMG – how many did she lose? No wonder she was so messed up. So true about rewiring so one does not need mom’s approval!

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