That one word gets about as much attention as Sex.  Why on earth would I title a post … “Death” ?  Well, maybe it is because it is a word that’s on my mind.  No, I’m not thinking of dying or taking my life or anything stupid like that.  I’m just saying that Death isn’t a stranger in my life. 

I know, why am I thinking about it now?  I think because one of my fellow bloggers has lost her dad recently.  It is really a blessing to read how close that family is AND that they are so full of faith and love for Christ.  It’s awesome the amount of strength they have from our Savior.  As she had said on her site, Christians look at death a different way, however, they still mourn.  Such a true statement.  Unfortunately, sometimes the mourning lasts and then fades, but then returns, then fades. 

I’ve lost my dad, mom, brother and one of my sisters.  As well as both sets of grandparents, uncles, aunts, Godparents, in-laws, etc.  Our family deals with pain, grief and stress through humor.  Some may think it’s sick but it gets us through.  When the coroner was taking dad’s body away, the legs of the gurney kept unfolding, making it difficult to get him in the van.  One of us, and I’m not sure which one of us it was, said, “See, he doesn’t want to go yet!”  

Since we brought dad back to my sister’s house from the hospital so he could be among his family when he died, we each had a job to do, when the time came.  My job was to call the fire department (before 911) and have them send someone out to pronounce the time of death, etc.  I, so johnny on the spot, called the fire department, told them that my dad just died.  The operator on the other end said, “I am so sorry.”  To which I replied, “Oh, that’s okay, we’ve been expecting it!”  I’m not sure if they sent the cops along with the fire dept. or not, however, if I were on the other end of that phone call, I’d be sending the cops!!  All I could see in my head was my dad slapping his head, rolling his eyes and saying, “what am I going to do with this girl!!” 

When my grandma died, we (my Vegas sis, mom, my first husband and I) went to California for the funeral.  Big Catholic mass, cathedral ceilings, wooden pews, nice and echoee.  The priest gets to the part in the mass and says, “Let us pray.”  Whole church goes quiet.  At which time, my first husband cuts one on the hard wood pew.  Needless to say it echoed and my sis and I had to suppress our laughter.  Unfortunately, we were sitting a few rows back, had our head down so the priest wouldn’t see us laughing, but our shoulders kept moving up and down.  The priest wasn’t sure if we were laughing or hysterically crying.  If he only knew!

In a previous post I told you the story about us preparing for my brothers funeral.  I don’t remember too much of my sister’s.  I think I was in shock, even though she had been sick for awhile. 

My mom, when we took her off all life support, they moved her into a room so she could go peacefully and the family could visit and be there with her.  She was in such a little room and most of the Vegas family was there.  We laughed, teased each other, told stories, then laughed again.  I’m surprised the nurses didn’t kick us out, since it was so late.  But mom hung in there, probably listening to all our stories.  Finally around 12-12:30am, we sent the kids home.  That left mom’s 3 daughters.  My sisters tried to get some rest by laying on mom’s bed.  It actually looked like they were playing “Twister”, of course we’d start laughing.  Finally they decided to go home and get some rest.  They tried to get me to go also, but, I couldn’t.  I didn’t want mom to die and see she was in a room all by herself.  So I stayed.  All the while I was there, I was talking to her.  Telling her it was okay to go, her family is waiting for her, etc.  Finally around 7:30am, the nurse came in to check on her.  Her breathing was shallow but still going.  When she left, I looked at mom and told her to go.  She didn’t have a healthy body to stay in.  Everything was shutting down and she might as well be freed from the earthly body.  After that, she stopped breathing.  I kissed her on the forehead and wished her a good journey, then went to look for the nurse.  It’s been a couple of years, but there are times it feels so recent.  As with all my immediate family that has passed, there are times it can feel so recent and other times so long ago.  But it is nice to know there are family members on the other side rooting for me.  Such a comforting thought.


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