Any TobyMac fans out there?

I am becoming a TobyMac fan.  I enjoy the music and lyrics.  Hubby, on the other hand, isn’t quite so keen on it, but we have never seen eye to eye on music anyway!

While wandering through You Tube, I found this video.  I had to share it, because it would be something that could be done in our church.   Tell me what ya think.

4 thoughts on “Any TobyMac fans out there?

  1. Hi. I’m a (potentially) new blogger who just stumbled over here by trying out the Tag Surfer.

    I like some of TobyMac’s music a lot, but also dislike some of it. I am thinking about going to see him in September at Six Flags in St. Louis, though, which is only about a two and half hour drive from where I live. The concert’s free with admission!

  2. Barry – welcome to blogging and to this site.

    I hope you do go see TobyMac live. I hear he puts on a great show.

    The tag surfer is an interesting thing.

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