Happy Birthday, Sweet Angel!

Today (8/21) is our youngest grand-daughter’s 2nd birthday.  With all that’s been going on this week, I haven’t had a chance to shop.  Tomorrow night will be my shopping night.  It will be fun wandering the stores.

Nurse Dobegil, as GH puts it, took care of the pain pump in hubby’s shoulder.  It is gone along with the tube that was in there giving his should a local anesthetic.  Now that it is out, he’s feeling the pain more.  Since this was the third day, he was able to take a shower.  It always feels so good to finally take a shower after surgery! 

Hubby’s actually doing well.  I worked all day today and he hung out here on the couch with the animals.   He’s handling the stronger pain pills okay, he just has to remember not to move too fast!

Well, I am pooped, so I’m going to bed.  Ya’ll have a great night!


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