So what would you think?

While we were signing hubby in at the surgery center, she asked for his ID and Ins. cards.  While he leaned to the side to pull out his wallet, the front of his seat on the chair broke, then the back of his seat broke and down he went.  He was okay and the poor office person was mortified that the chair broke.  We didn’t think anything of it until he went to pre-op and had to get into his lovely gown.  As he was taking off his socks to put the booties on, his right ankle was turning black and blue.  Luckily we had a good hour to wait in pre-op and they put ice on his ankle to help the swelling.  Yup, this added to my apprehension but onward we went.

After surgery, the ankle was the least of his owies! 

He’s doing good today.  I have to take the pain pump out of his shoulder tomorrow afternoon along with the dressing.  Wish me luck that it all comes out with no problem! 

I think I’m going to work a half a day tomorrow and full days the rest of the week.  Paycheck will be too short if I take any more time off!  Dang, I wish I were independantly wealthy! 

All I can say is daytime TV sucks!  Makes me glad I work all day!  Hope you all have a good night.


3 thoughts on “So what would you think?

  1. Isn’t it sad? Daytime TV is worse than when I was a kid… and there are more channels now! Makes ya miss Bob Barker, doesn’t it?

    You’ll do fine tomorrow, Nurse Dobegil, we believe in you! 🙂

  2. I hope they maintain their surgical equipment better than their waiting room furniture.

    Daytime sucks even more with more channels. What do they say … clutter multiplies until all available storage is full. I guess the same applies to TV channels.

  3. GH – LOL, thanks for the faith!

    HD – no kidding about the surgical equipment vs office furniture! I’m just glad that was the only thing that went wrong!

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