Co-ed Baby Shower

We had a family reunion 2 years ago.  Since we had 2 family members (Nephew and my son) who had wives expecting, we decided to have a joint co-ed baby shower, especially since we had extra family around.  This is my nephew’s first child and my son’s 2nd.  So I put together a canvas bag with items the dads need to change the newborn’s diapers.  Here’s the pic:

Too bad we didn’t have a video camera going, their comments were hilarious!!  Hope this made ya’ll laugh!

Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “Co-ed Baby Shower

  1. SG – it was so much fun. My nephew is such a nut! He’s one of my family members that lives in your area (Lee’s Summit).

    GH – LOL, so what were those thoughts going through your head?

    HD – LOL, you are probably right!

  2. SM – I put in extra diapers, a mask, goggles, extra latex gloves. You could also add duct tape, for their first times at changing the diaper and they don’t get it tight enough! There’s ointment that has a silly name, like butt creme or something – I found it in the baby isle. Extra binkies, cloth diapers – oh yeah, I forgot, since they both were having boys, I got coffee filters that can be put over the baby’s thingie so a fountain of piddle doesn’t go into their face or across the room. I called it “A Teepee for the Peepee!” I think I found most of these things at Walmart or Target. Just let your imagination go wild!!

    Although, I like Homer-Dog’s suggestions – a full over the head respirator!

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