Summer gatherings

My new summer attire can be scary.  I wear long tan pants, a light colored long sleeved shirt, a camouflage boonie hat and hiking boots.  But I still venture out in public.  So, I went to the church gathering in the park.  Yes, I was dressed this way and we had a great time.  There was so much food to give to people and the kids were having alot of fun!  They were playing a game called “Can Can”   LOL, OMG, Adults were playing this game with them.  The object, similar to tug of war, except you are in a circle with a plastic trash container in the middle.  You are out if you let go, fall down, touch the container or land in the container.  It was pretty entertaining!

After that I went home and hubby and I went to the other gathering we were invited to.  The one I was hesitant on going.  The one I was concerned about was very hospitable and we had a nice time.   The food was delicious.  We had a choice of hamburgers or tri-tip.  LOL, guess which one we picked … although the burgers did look good, we choose the tri-tip.   Their house is actually a 200 acre ranch near the animal shelter.  There was a garage filled with old John Deere Tractors.  Hubby’s eyes glazed overover as we wondered through.  Yes, all the tractors run.  It was pretty cool.  They had a DJ and there was a horseshoe tournament going on.  Sorry, GH, I was wandering around and forgot to pull the phone out to take pics.

Hubby had met these people through his work when their pigs were attacked by 2 pitbulls.  Since their place is near the shelter, he would see them around.  As I mentioned, I know them through my work.  They used to own the company I work for before they sold the lake store to my bosses 18 years ago.  On occassion we order material from their Reno store.  They’ve recently acquired burros.  There were 2 of them in the coral.  By the time we left it was too hot and sunny for them and they were in the stables. 

All and all, we had a nice time, and now I’m wiped out from the heat.  It’s feels nice sitting in the house with the fan going.  I hope you all are having a great weekend.  This was a great way to end my wierd and crazy week!


3 thoughts on “Summer gatherings

  1. Mmmmmm… tri-tip…. *drool*

    No worries about the pics. As for the outfit, what’s wrong with that? That’s what all the dermatologists are recommending these days!

  2. HD – Really? I thought they had tri-tip there. You may have to go to KC to get some! However, the meat in NE is really good. Must have something to do with all that corn!

    GH – LOL, so true, but I’m an island gal by nature! I miss shorts and T’s ! Dang meds!

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