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What tangled webs we weave

bratsjourney | April 20, 2007 21:40

We had our 30th high school reunion last June.  My husband was speaking with a friend and somehow got on the subject of ex-spouses.  While connecting the dots from spouse to ex to spouse to ex, he was revealing a very tangled web.  That poor friend was getting dizzy.When we are in control of our own lives, we can tangle a pretty messy web.

Some of you know what my web looks like.  For those of you that don’t, here’s a score card … good luck!

My husband (before he was mine) was married to one of my friends.  (All three of us went to the same high school)  From this union came a beautiful daughter.  They also introduced me to my first husband.  From this union came a beautiful daughter and a handsome son.  As with most young marriages, we were a normal statistic, as we all divorced each other.

My husband and I started a relationship and were married.  My ex-husband restarted a relationship with someone he previously dated and were married.  My husband’s ex-wife also remarried.  Even though we all were divorced, we were still a part of each other’s lives because of the children.  It wasn’t easy and sometimes it was plain difficult, however, we did what we had to do because there were 3 little lives we all were responsible for.

What makes things more complicated is we now have grandchildren.  These kids are the luckiest kids around.  Some have 3 sets of grandparents, while the others have 4 sets of grandparents.  Now the web gets even more tangled.  Not all the grandparents get along.  Through whatever the circumstances, whether it be one is uncomfortable around the other; or one just doesn’t get along with the other; or one just plain doesn’t speak to the other, it only makes it difficult on the children and grandchildren.

So how do we untangle this web of resentment, selfishness, frustration, pain and anger?

We have to admit that we are powerless and surrender to God and ask that he change our hearts.  We need to forgive those who make up that web, so God can forgive us or we will continue to weave that web of evil.

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