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Scary in my head

bratsjourney | April 14, 2007 10:27

At a wedding shower, a friend in Christ said, “Don’t expect your spouse to read your mind.  It’s scary in my head and I wouldn’t expect my spouse to go there.” 

I thought about that comment and realized, it is also scary in my head.  Trying to verbalize what is in my head can be quite difficult.  Verbalizing not only to my spouse, but to my family as well.  I don’t want to blurt out what is on my mind, because my thoughts can be quite blunt, even if they are truthful.  So how does one say things that are truthful and not hurtful?  God tells me all the time, “Say it with love.  Say it the way you would want someone to say it to you!”

I have gone from the non-speaking angry spouse slamming things around to a woman spitting out the words in my head as arrows.  I am now learning, with God’s Grace, to compose what’s in my head with love before the words escape out my mouth. It is amazing how that four letter word can turn my scary thoughts into caring words that expresses what is on my mind.


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