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Fun Factor

bratsjourney | May 12, 2007 08:41

What do you do for fun?Thursday night was choir rehearsal.  The choir director was on vacation because she was getting married the next day.  So, you know, I would think she wouldn’t want to be at rehearsal the night before.

I usually sit at the back row of the alto section.  Everyone wants to know why I always sit back there.  My comment is always, “It’s the back of the bus!”  I got to thinking why do I sit there?  I think alot has to do with the darkness that was surrounding me in my previous posts and my insecurities of being in a large room of people.

Last Thursday, one of my fellow altos, had me move next to her and another fellow alto.  The substitute for rehearsal was the Arts Ministry Pastor and he brought pizza and soda.  I laughed through most of rehearsal.  While we were singing, one of us would start giggling and that was it, the three of us would lose it again.  I finally looked at them and said, “I need blinders.  I cannot look at you two! Now you know why I sit in the back.  You have me in stitches when we are together!”

In thinking back, this was the most fun I have had in a long time.  Just to let loose and be free and silly.  I’m so thankful I went Thursday.  I really needed the fun factor break!


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