Another Repost

How quickly satan tries to bind, when you let your guard down

bratsjourney | September 07, 2007 19:14

I’ve been feeling a bit blue these past couple of days.  I have not wanted to do anything and with work going crazy, I feel I’m too tired to do anything.  I couldn’t figure out why I was falling further and further into the pit.  Well today, I stopped by my church to make sure I had enough envelopes for my Share Menus.  The Seniors were getting ready for their potluck gathering.  Just seeing the few people in the lobby and talking with them, boosted my spirits.  Made me wish I had signed up to join them. 

We weren’t made to go through our spiritual journey alone.  He wants us to be with others and share His love, words, wisdom.  I realized I had missed this fellowship all week.  I didn’t go to church last weekend which started me down the road of avoidance all week.  i realize now, in order to stay out of satan’s pit, I need to stay in fellowship and keep Him as my focus to arm myself against the worldly ways of satan.  This world isn’t home, it’s just a journey.  Home is in Heaven with our Father.   I can only imagine what it will be like to be face to face with him.



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