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Romans, Chapters 7 & 8

bratsjourney | August 19, 2007 17:52

The series we are going through at our church is Positive Soul Care in a Negative World.  This week is Part VI and it was about Hope – Expectant, Future and Intercessory.  I enjoy are Pastor’s teachings, since he speaks from his heart and he includes himself when he’s talking about our downfalls.

Yesterday, he said something that I had to write down.  It was one of those comments that smacks you right in the face.  He said, “Did you know, your name is spoken in the halls of Heaven.”   Yes, I had heard this a long time ago, but, I never understood it until now.

He was talking about how the Holy Spirit talks to Jesus and God about us and the Intercessory Hope is when we are so in need in the middle of a trial that we don’t have the words to pray.  So the Holy Spirit takes it to God.  That in itself is so encouraging.  How many of us have been in such a turmoil with so many directions we could go or think or do and not know what to do.  Your thoughts are so muddled that you cannot focus.  To know there is a power, that lives in us, so much greater than anything else in this world that will speak for me and my thoughts.  What a relief. 

So, to think that my name is being spoke in Heaven and I’m not even there yet, is something I find very comforting.  If there is anything that would keep my focus on Him, it would have to be that.  I would want my name spoken in Heaven as a positive thing and not a negative one.

I know Jesus defends me hourly when satan tries to condemn me.  However, until I heard those words yesterday, … well, let’s just say it was another one of those slap me in the face realizations that had to be made.

I know the path home to God is not an easy one.  I also know that He could have many difficult days in store for me, however, it’s those difficult days that I want to draw closer to Him for guidance, love, understanding and comfort. 

What would it be like to be in Heaven with our Father, our Groom and the Holy Spirit?  I don’t know, however, I know there are no words to describe the glorious joy, peace and love.  To be among the Heavenly Choir and meeting the people in the bible.  To be instantly changed in a blink of an eye, when our Savior comes back to take us home.  I hope I’ll see you all, including my family, there.  What a day that will be.


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