Things we do when we are young

Hubby and I were watching the Giants game and we started talking about what we wore in PE at high school.  I used to love my PE clothes.  I know, I’m a dork … but, they were cotton blend with the snaps.  The shorts were a dark blue with snaps and the shirts were white with a snaps instead of buttons, both had our names on them.  To get from the gym to the locker room, you had to go outside.  So one day, my friend, Lori, and I were zooming out the gym door and to get a head start I unsnapped my shirt.  Well, I had my shirt unsnapped and open when I hit the steps leaving the gym.  Unfortunately, the guy Lori had a crush on was walking our way and I flashed him.   After that, I’d get a smirkie smile from him as we’d pass in the hall. 

So I have to explain why I liked the snap shorts and shirts better, when the school district changed the gym clothes, they went to a polyester knit shorts and shirt.  It just didn’t feel as comfortable as the other ones.  Especially in Vegas where it is hot!

I have no idea why I’m telling ya’ll this, it just popped into my brain … and we ALL KNOW how dangerous these popping ideas can be!!


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