News from the bone doc

Hubby had his appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon for his shoulder.  Well, needless to say, surgery is scheduled for Aug 18.  It is what our doc thought (don’t ya just hate it when they are right?).  He has a torn ligament and cartilage in the rotater cuff (sp).  My apologies to those of you with a medical background, I’m sure I am not getting these words correct.  Anyway, they have to cut off/shave the bone and bone spur that is causing the problem, then sew the torn areas and hopefully he will be okay.  Well, that is after the healing and all that goes along with surgery. 

Luckily it is microscoptic (?) surgery – like my gallbladder surgery – so he isn’t cut all the way open for a longer healing time. 

It isn’t like we weren’t prepared for this, but you know, we kind of hoped he didn’t have to go through this.  It’s just that since he’s had back surgery, his back is still in pain because of the scar tissue.  So there’s a bit of apprehension about the shoulder. 

As for Jackson, our grandson, he got his cast on Wednesday.  His leg is in a cast from his foot to his bumm.  I hope my kids send me pics of this, as my imagination has run wild.

Anyway, that’s all that is new on the western front … it’s still hot, dang it!  However, the nights cool off real nice!  Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll talk at ya later.


5 thoughts on “News from the bone doc

  1. Hey C.
    Thanks for the invite – I will definately be checking your site daily! My heart is with you and your family as you wear God’s armor to fight for your dad.

  2. Your grandson’s cast reminded me of someone I knew in high school. She broke her leg skiing and had an ankle to hip cast. She was a drama student and was competing in a drama contest in another state. The drama students were hosted by local students and stayed at their homes. She got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, forgot where she was, tripped over her own cast, and broke her other leg. She came back from the contest waddling with two ankle to hip casts. Poor girl. I hope your grandson and Hubby have better luck.

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