What are you addicted to? 

My Vegas sis and her husband bought 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.  In a matter of 30 minutes, they had eaten 6, total (3 and 3).  I forgot to tell her about our oldest daughter getting a teaching job, so I called my sis back and the first words out of my mouth was, “So how many donuts have you eaten?”  When she told me six, I laughed.  It is time for them to go to bed so they can go to work in the morning.  At this rate, they will have another 6 and be up until 3am. 

Krispy Kremes are so sweet, but so addicting.  Kinda like the liquid crack (as my middle daughter calls it)they put in Starbucks coffee!

Vegas Sis has to have something sweet.  When she was in Mexico with one of the shows, she was under so much personal stress that she almost went into a comatose state.  The only thing that pulled her out was a candy bar.  Every since, she always has to have something sweet.  You would think she would be the one with diabetes, but, nope, it’s my KC sis and me that have the diabetes.  Go figure!

I’m addicted to sweets also, but I know I can’t have any.  Which makes the desire even stronger.  We did purchase ice cream at the store tonight, however, it was the half calorie one, so I only had 2 scoops.  LOL … oh yeah, and I also bought a small tube of Flicks.  Our grocery store has them.  I used to love to get Flicks at the movies and eat them while watching whatever movie we went to.  Granted, it isn’t the best chocolate in the world, however, it did take me back to my childhood.  I still have the container in the fridge so the chocolate won’t melt.

Some people are addicted to sex, some to porn, some to cigarettes, some to alcohol, some to drugs, however, I think a food addition is one of the less evils than these.  It still isn’t an easy one to get over. 

Speaking of movies and my childhood, one of the places my friends and I would go to before or after a movie was a small pizza joint in the Charleston Plaza Mall in Vegas.  They served pizza by the slice and … wait for it …. LOL … Italian icees.  We always had the cherry icees in the paper cups.  I haven’t found one that tastes like the ones we used to get when we were kids!  I have to admit, that is one thing I miss about growing up.  Also, remember back when the popsicles had real syrup and the paper would stick to the popsicle?  You could suck on those popsicles to get all the syrup and the ice would be clear?  Oh man, they don’t make them like that any more!

Oh well, now that I’ve gone down memory lane, I should now go down sleepy lane, it’s time for bed.  Ya’ll have a good night and a great day!


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