This house is so darn hot!!

The temp outside is really nice and cool.  The temp in this house is hot and stifling.  We have fans going, windows opened and still can’t get the cool air inside.  Our doors don’t have screens so we can’t open them, plus the fact that they are 8′ tall.  So we sit in this sauna and watch the fat melt off.

I can’t stop thinking about The Shack.  I’ve never read a book that portrays God as a large loveable black woman.  It is so much fun to hear this character talking to Mack.  That book is a fun fast read.

We watched Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels tonight.  It was the episode where Sophie and Nick went to Mexico, alone and then, dad shows up.  In order to get dad out of their hair, they call mom to think of something, then mom shows up in Mexico.  LOL, we laughed through the whole show.  Nick says it best about their dad, Gene can be so cool and so dorky simultaneously.  LOL, it is so true, but ya gotta love it!   For a good laugh, you can check out the episodes on A & E.

Well, not much else going on, except the heat.  So I’m gonna take off the clothes and lay in front of the fan.  LOL, sorry, probably an image you don’t want to be left with.  Okay, let’s see, how about Will Smith throwing the whale out to sea and sinking the sailboat in “Hancock” … better?  Nighty night ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “This house is so darn hot!!

  1. UGH – can’t stand it when the house is hot! Hope you stay a bit cooler. I actually can’t wait to go to work where it is cooler outside and the office has A/C.

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